Welcome To Criminal Intelligence Service

Criminal Intelligence Service Saskatchewan (CISS) is one of ten Provincial Bureaus of the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC). CISC, established in 1970, unites the Canadian criminal intelligence community by providing leadership and expertise to approximately 400 CISC member agencies in their integrated efforts to detect, reduce and prevent organized and serious crime affecting Canada.
CISS brings together 27 member agencies from across Saskatchewan working together to identify and disrupt organized and serious crime within Saskatchewan communities. CISS maintains three categories of membership:
(i) Category I - Police Agency
The agency has full police officer authority provided under a Canadian federal or provincial police act. The primary role of the agency is law enforcement and the agency contributes to the criminal intelligence process.
(ii) Category II - Agency with Specific Law Enforcement Role
The agency has specific but limited law enforcement responsibilities. Its authority is provided under specific federal and/or provincial legislation (e.g. Customs Act, Immigration Act, Provincial Wildlife Act).
Category II Membership may be granted to a foreign law enforcement or intelligence agency if, as determined by the respective Provincial Executive Committee, it is deemed to be in the best interest of the broader criminal intelligence community.
(iii) Category III - Agency with Role Complementary to Law Enforcement
The agency has no direct law enforcement authority but provides assistance to law enforcement agencies.